The Kekova region has so much to offer - Crusader castles, Lycian tombs, great hikes, boat trips, watersports... Ask Ali for advice and help organizing your days trips and activities. Born and brought up in Üçağız, he knows the area like the back of his hand and can give you great tips on where to find breathtaking views and sites that tourist guides don't mention.


Arykanda is an Ancient Lycian city and a spectacular place to visit with five terraces of ruins overlooking a stunning valley and some very beautiful mosaics.

Kalekoy Ancient city of Simena stunning views

Kaleköy (Simena)

Kaleköy is reached by boat and is home to the ruins of the ancient city of Simena, an impressive Byzantine castle, told city walls, a small theatre, several temples and many Lycian sarcophagi. Take a trip across the water to discover this beautiful paradise and the stunning views.

Sunken City

By boat, you can see the ruins of the sunken city in the clear turquoise waters. The partly sunken ruins off Kevova Island are the result of an earthquake in the 2nd century.

aperlai-antik-kenti Aperlai anicient city


The ancient Lycian city of Aperlai has several sarcophagi, most of which are from the Roman era. The most glorious ruins of Aperlai ancient city are the massive city walls. Inside the city walls there are ruins of a Christian church and a chapel, and a cistern.


Myra Ancient City is renowned for for its perfectly preserved Roman era amphitheatre and its amazing rock-tombs. Myra is also home to St. Nicholas, later known as Santa Claus, and you can visit the church where he was buried.

myra rock tombs

Kaş, Patara, Xantos

Along the coast to Kaş and beyond, along the Lycian way, you can explore beautiful coastlines, pretty little harbours, Roman remains and temples, Lycian tombs and stunning beaches.