Üçağız (pronounced eew-chai-yuz) means ‘three mouths’ and refers to the number of entrances to this wonderfully sheltered harbour. It is a quaint fishing and farming village in an idyllic setting on a bay amid islands and peninsulas.

Üçağız is part of the Kevova region and therefore protected from development. This means the village, surrounded by pine-clad hills and olive trees, retains its charming rural quality. The old traditional streets are lined with old stone houses, restaurants and cafés and there are also little shops where local ladies sell their handmade goods.

Ancient Theimussa

In Lycian times, the village of Üçağız was known as Theimussa and just behind our hotel you can discover clusters of sarcophagi ruins and Ancient Theimussa. There are tombs in this area with Lycian inscriptions pointing to settlement as early as 4th century BC.