What is a Gület?

A schooner (Schooner in English) is a sailing ship equipped with two to seven masts, appeared between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century and which reached its peak in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is characterized:

a wooden frame, a characteristic rig,

an undeniable charm, a shallow draft which makes it possible to run aground near the beaches,

and a floating hotel as part of organized cruises./br> This rig was invented by Dutch sailors in the sixteenth century under the name "Schoener" which gave the English term Schooner. According to language scholar Walter William Skeat, “schooner” comes from Scoon, while the spelling sch comes from the later adoption of the Dutch spelling (“de schoener”). Another study suggests that the 17th-century Dutch phrase, "een Schoone Schip" ("Schoone" meaning beautiful in Dutch) may have led to the English spelling Schooner used by English speakers to describe early versions of the platform. schooner as it evolved in England and America. -